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Want to BE an Exchange Student?

Two programs – the Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship (one academic year) and the Short-Term Summer Exchange program – are available through RYE District 6690. Certain expectations and requirements apply to ALL RYE6690 exchange students, whether Short-Term Exchangers or Rotary Scholars.    [read more]

Want to HOST an Exchange Student?

As a host family for a Rotary exchange student, you assume parental responsibility for this young ambassador from another country, to provide shelter and sustenance, guidance and counsel, and love and support to the child of strangers who may live thousands of miles from you. They have their own insurance and pocket money – you will provide room and board. Rotary does not pay any stipend to host families. [read more]

Want to SPONSOR an Exchange Student? (Rotary Clubs Only)

Rotary clubs that participate in the IHS Scholarship (long-term) Youth Exchange program are able to offer the prestigious IHS Scholarship to local students in their communities at minimal cost to the sponsoring Rotary club. These clubs are demonstrating their commitment to International Service in one of the best, most direct, most meaningful, and most fun ways possible.  [read more]

Benefits of Youth Exchange

Student exchange offers broad-based benefits and outcomes for students keen to embark on this international adventure.  Most of these are intertwined and come together to constitute the overarching exchange experience.  [read more]

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