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Outbound Forms

The application process to go abroad in 2022-2023, is open. The deadline for applications is 11/15/23.   

Application Process (please note that there are two programs)

Youth Exchange Scholarship (Long-Term)  Program:  Click here

Youth Exchange STEP (Short-Term) Program: Click here

  • You may start Your Application by entering this portal.
  • rotary6690.org to access the club information you will need to complete this process.
  • Student-Parent meetings will be held in September and October to review the Application process and the importance of the proper completion.


Once you decide to complete your application, please read ALL instructions on the forms before you start entering information!  The Application format is CRITICAL as they will be part of your visa applications to foreign governments and Rotary Districts around the world.

 The following are Imperative:

  1. All information on all the forms must be typed except for signatures and signature dates. Any signatures and dates in pen MUST be in BLUE ink.
  2. Accuracy matters: Incomplete, incorrect, and sloppy forms will be returned.
  3. ‘Family Name’ (surname only) must be in ALL CAPS; only capitalize first letter of first and middle name. (e.g.: John David SMITH)
  4. Date format must be DD/Mmm/YYYY (e.g.: 25/Jan/1999).  All entered dates and signature dates must follow this format. It helps to remind people of that as they are signing.
  • All Applicants: Deadline: November 15, 2023.
  1. Complete online form to submit the application.
  2. Send the following to: Marie Hurt, 343 N Cassady, Columbus, OH 43209 or bring to November weekend.
  • payable to District 6690 YEP (program fee – LT – $1500 / ST $750)
  • Any documents that can not be uploaded

**INTERVIEWS will be Held December 2nd with Student and at least 1 Parent/Guardian**

Questions regarding the programs and/or application process:

Long Term/ Scholarship – Drake –  drakelundstrom@gmail.com

Short Term – Bethany – bmoore1001@gmail.com

District 6690 Chair:

Marie - rotarymarierye@gmail.com

outbound form

Interested? Apply today!

View our application forms here. Contact us today with any questions you have!

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